Our Suppliers

GAMA (Spain) :- Exclusive GCC Distributor for the leading European brand for PU foam, Polyurea and PU coatings.

PMC (USA) :-Exclusive distributor for PU foam, Polyurea coating machines from premium American brand.

SAIP (Italy) :-Distributor for Advanced Polyurethane Machinery for Insulation of Sandwich panels, cold storage panels and related appliances such as fridges, freezers for thermal insulation.

IPM (USA) :-Distributor for the modified version of Drum Transfer Pumps, Drum Mixers for Polyurea, from 1 to 1 and 1 to 10 Transfer Pumps are available depending on viscosity of the chemicals.

POLYCOAT (USA) :-Distributor for high quality Polyurea (Aliphatic, Aromatic and Fire rated) coating and PU coating systems.

HANDIFOAM by Fomo Products (USA) :-Distributor for two component quick cure foam cylinder kits with latest user friendly guns and hoses.

BASF (Germany) :-Distributor for Polyurethane foam chemicals for combo waterproofing and injection chemicals pipe insulation jobs.

BASF - Master Builders (Germany) :-Distributor for advanced chemical solutions for construction especially for Combo Waterproofing System.

Mattex Carpet Backing Systems :-Mattex’s modern, state-of-the-art weaving equipment in Dubai offers a tremendous advantage to geotextile customers.

DENSO (UK) :-Distributor for high quality Anti Corrosion tape systems and Sealing products “DENSO” brand from Winn & Coales (Denso) Ltd UK.

DEKOTEC (Germany) :-Anti corrosion tape systems and Sealing products.

DAVEY (Australia) :-A leading brand of water Pumps for a range of applications including water booster/transfer pump systems, drainage and sewage systems, swimming pool and irrigation systems.

REPI (Italy) :-Distributor of Pigments for Plastic and PU applications.

SFA (France) :-Distributor for Macerator pumps widely used in residential applications.

BRADFORD WHITE (USA) :-Distributor for leading American brand for residential water heaters.

ATLANTIC (France) :-Water Heaters including wall mounted (Vertical and Horizontal) and floor standing types.

PRIME PRODUCTS :-High quality elastomeric acrylic coating for waterproofing and protection of PU sprayed foam.
High quality anti-corrosion tapes in various sizes.